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My name is Faith Russo and I have been teaching piano for 37 years. I enjoy to bring my love of music to my students with quality and affordable private lessons in my home. I take pride in teaching students of all ages how to play the piano and to help them grow their own love for music. Research shows that listening to music improves our mental well-being and boosts our physical health in surprising and astonishing ways. It can greatly raise your IQ and even keep you sharp in old age. I have such a love for education in music and also in our local schools. I substitute at the local elementary schools and the music teachers there even recommended my services to their students. Over the years, I have taught individuals with special needs and I adjust the lessons to fit their individual needs. I enjoy getting my students to participate in local recitals and then can earn prizes for doing their practice work. I take pride in being able to teach students of all ability levels. My years of experience teaching many different types of students has made me flexible and responsive to what my students need to learn. Please feel free to check out my Rates page and my Contact page if you need any more information and I look forward to speaking with you.

Benefits of Music Lessons
Music Makes You Happier
Music Lowers Stress and Improves Health
Music Helps You Sleep Better
Music Reduces Depression
Music Strengthens Learning and Memory
Music Reduces Pain
Music Increases Verbal Intelligence
Music Raises IQ and Academic Performance

Life would be flat without music. It is the background to all I do. It speaks to the heart in its own special way like nothing else.
- Ludwig van Beethoven

Helpful Tips

If you are just starting out on the piano or thinking of learning how to play, here are some great tips that might help you along your way. These tips will help you improve faster, gain confidence, and have more fun while developing your music skills and I hope to help you along your journey.

Learn Your Theory
Learning the fundamentals of music theory will make playing the piano a lot more fun as you progress. Learn the basics of theory, including key signatures, note values, chords, rests, the grand staff, etc. Test yourself regularly—make sure you can identify the difference between a quarter note and an eighth note, a G and a D on the grand staff and piano, and a major chord and a minor chord.

Express Yourself
It’s very important to learn a piece of music correctly; it establishes a new level of accomplishment in your development. But ultimately, music is about sharing emotion. As you play a piece, try not to focus too much on technical perfection—that is, playing every single note perfectly. Focus instead on feeling the music and putting in your personal emotion which is what makes your music unique.

Take It Slow
It’s important to start out at a slow tempo when learning scales and new pieces of music. You want to learn the music the right way, with the correct notes and rhythms and I can help you with that. If you don't learn the proper techniques in the beginning it could lead to bad habits which will be hard to break later.

Helpful Resources

If you decide to take piano lessons with me, which I hope you do, here are some resources I will request that you purchase to start your lessons with me after your first initial visit. I like to utilize Alfred's Lesson and Theory books to help teach my students the fundamentals of piano. At the end of each lesson, I will give the student an assignment to work on for the following week. Sometimes it is to practice their notecards for the music notes, work on a song in the lesson book or do some hands on activities in their theory books. These resources are typically for my younger students and I have different recommendations for my older students.

Alfred's Basic Piano Library Prep Course Level A

Alfred's Basic Piano Library Prep Course Activity & Ear Training Book Level A

Alfred's Lesson Assignment Book

Complete Color Coded Flash Cards for All Beginning Music Students


Every year I encourage my students to participate two recitals. Below you can read a little more about the Spring and Winter Recital.

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Spring Recital

For the Spring Recital, we go to a local church. The students will perform in front of family and friends at this event. They get to perform their favorite musical selections that are not from their instruction lesson books. They enjoy refreshments and homemade chocolate clefs from Mrs. Russo.

recital 2

Winter Recital

For the Winter Recital, we typical go to a retirement facility and perform holiday music for our guests. It is a good way to teach the children how to bring joy to others that could utilize some enjoyment around the holiday season. My student gets to pick a holiday song of their choice. This encourages students to get used to performing in front of others and teaches them how to do so.

My Lesson Rates

Unlike other piano teachers, I do not charge any registration fees and I do not make you commit to any contracts. My lessons are just $25 for 30 minutes and I enjoy teaching students of all ages, from young school age children to adults. Since I substitute teach at the local schools in Williamstown, I typically do my lessons after 4pm in my home. You are welcome to stay with your child, walk my neighborhood, wait in your car or come back in 30 minutes when the lesson is done. I want your child and you to feel comfortable. After your first initial visit for $25 and you are certain your child or yourself wants to continue their music education with me, I will ask you to pay monthly in the beginning of every month. I offer lessons in the summer too.

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